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ServiceValue/Cost ratioRiskVolumeMeasureService Design Package
Source strategy0.439383Turnover vs cost improvementSDP Source strategy
Procurement visibility and tracking0.49773cost reductionSDP Procurement visibility and tracking
Customer spend analysis0.3911,043target population sales improvementSDP Customer spend analysis
Fulfilment visibility and tracking0.3144,503order improvement
response improvement
Customer satisfaction
SDP Fulfilment visibility and tracking
product mix
customer satisfaction
SDP Merchandising
Store delivery support0.267980Over stocking
Under stocking
SDP Store delivery support
Promotional planning support0.263789sales response to promotionsSDP Promotional planning support
Logistics0.262832Sales ReductionSDP Logistics
Distribution and planning0.246993overhead improvementSDP Distribution and planning
Direct/indirect procurement0.2310903relative effectivenessSDP Direct/indirect procurement
Category management0.227611CRM improvementsSDP Category management
Cheque authorization and processing0.26333ReceiptsSDP Cheque authorization and processing
Sourcing0.177707Turnover vs cost improvementSDP Sourcing
Product tiering/mapping0.175594line change and efficiencySDP Product tiering/mapping
Spend analytics0.166696Spending forecast accuracySDP Spend analytics