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ServiceService valueRiskValue/Cost ratioVolumeMeasureService Design Package
Requirement processing39,93250.1776service value increase vs service cost decreaseSDP Requirement processing
Material / fleet tracking39,92470.12837cost reduction vs value improvementSDP Material / fleet tracking
Vendor management38,912100.07386churn vs efficiencySDP Vendor management
Product coding38,65140.08890Coding ErrorsSDP Product coding
Warehousing and storage37,54060.1841Over stocking
Under stocking
SDP Warehousing and storage
Distribution and planning36,67560.24993overhead improvementSDP Distribution and planning
Small Branches36,67460.072,197ReceiptsSDP Small Branches
Transport planning and management36,40780.07686usage vs costSDP Transport planning and management
Communication and advertising support36,04970.99384CRMSDP Communication and advertising support
Labour scheduling35,82140.08545staff & maangement satisfactionSDP Labour scheduling
Management33,95910.06858Efficiency improvement measureSDP Management
Product tiering/mapping33,07750.17594line change and efficiencySDP Product tiering/mapping
Stock audit33,03490.09951Policy compliance improvementSDP Stock audit
Cross docking32,91120.1535docking reportingSDP Cross docking
Customer profiling and segmentation31,44040.06830sales improvement per segmentSDP Customer profiling and segmentation