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ServiceService costValue/Cost ratioRiskVolumeMeasureService Design Package
POS management538,93608899incident reductionSDP POS management
Support530,5830.023690time to resolutionSDP Support
Transport planning and management526,4800.078686usage vs costSDP Transport planning and management
Freight audit525,0710.022956shrinkage reduction
spoilage reduction
SDP Freight audit
Marketing512,3140.092904salesSDP Marketing
Customer profiling and segmentation507,8840.064830sales improvement per segmentSDP Customer profiling and segmentation
Order management system500,3480.084775incident reduction
downtime reduction
overdue payments
payment turnaround
SDP Order management system
Price496,4400.0411,201price change effectivenessSDP Price
customer satisfaction
staff satisfaction
supplier satisfaction
SDP E-sourcing
Supply order collaboration470,8190.056400Incidents
SDP Supply order collaboration
Online catalogue467,2802.96822On-line Receipts
Customer Satisfaction
Repeat orders
SDP Online catalogue
Product coding458,8230.084890Coding ErrorsSDP Product coding
Master data management456,9300.01106,293cost vs efficiencySDP Master data management
Virtual warehousing456,0670.026874cost vs efficiencySDP Virtual warehousing
Replenishment planning447,1100.042900Over stocking
Under stocking
SDP Replenishment planning