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ServiceRiskVolumeService costValue/Cost ratioMeasureService Design Package
Online catalogue6822467,2802.9On-line Receipts
Customer Satisfaction
Repeat orders
SDP Online catalogue
Cheque authorization and processing6333199,3440.2ReceiptsSDP Cheque authorization and processing
Spend analytics6696135,5880.16Spending forecast accuracySDP Spend analytics
Warehousing and storage6841387,1760.1Over stocking
Under stocking
SDP Warehousing and storage
Logistics support6435577,7320.01cost reduction
forecasting accuracy
delivery improvement
SDP Logistics support
Distribution and planning6993153,5440.24overhead improvementSDP Distribution and planning
Supply order collaboration6400470,8190.05Incidents
SDP Supply order collaboration
Credit card authorization and processing6910556,5510.01fraud reductionSDP Credit card authorization and processing
E-commerce - Home Shopping6759205,6644.01On-line Receipts
Customer Satisfaction
Repeat orders
SDP E-commerce - Home Shopping
External Audit655731.69Fraud reduction
Efficiency improvement
Good will
Legal compliance
SDP External Audit
Inventory forecasting/analytics6383429,8100.07Over stocking
Under stocking
SDP Inventory forecasting/analytics
Virtual warehousing6874456,0670.02cost vs efficiencySDP Virtual warehousing
Warehouse management5808410,8040.01Over stocking
Under stocking
Delivery turnaround
Supplier turnaround
SDP Warehouse management
Requirement processing5776382,8820.1service value increase vs service cost decreaseSDP Requirement processing
Product tiering/mapping5594189,6940.17line change and efficiencySDP Product tiering/mapping
Planograming and space management5383291,5670.09Return per square metreSDP Planograming and space management
Promotional planning5728254,9330salesSDP Promotional planning
E-tags RFID Pilot5677440.1Increased yield
Improved quality
Reduced waste
Improved animal welfare
SDP E-tags RFID Pilot
Distribution management5956619,1930.08cost vs efficiencySDP Distribution management
Stock options5957,0501.46Staff Satisfaction
Staff turnover
Stock ownership stability
SDP Stock options
Product coding4890458,8230.08Coding ErrorsSDP Product coding
Labour scheduling4545437,1910.08staff & maangement satisfactionSDP Labour scheduling
Window displays430141,2798.29Footfall increaseSDP Window displays
Internal Audit45655,7351.51Fraud reduction
Efficiency improvement
Good will
Legal compliance
SDP Internal Audit
Order management system4775500,3480.08incident reduction
downtime reduction
overdue payments
payment turnaround
SDP Order management system
Collections4390548,2900cost vs efficiencySDP Collections
Customer profiling and segmentation4830507,8840.06sales improvement per segmentSDP Customer profiling and segmentation
Staff Education4957050.09Staff Satisfaction
Staff turnover
SDP Staff Education
Management Reports46577440Recipient satisfaction
Improved value
Reduced cost
Reduced wastage
SDP Management Reports
Sales support4684225,3970.01time to resolutionSDP Sales support
Order substitution4958555,0580Customer Satisfaction
Customer Retention
SDP Order substitution