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ABC Retail

ABC Retail

ServiceValue/Cost ratio (VCR)RiskVolumeService OwnerMeasure of ValueService Design Package
Window displays8.29430Pearlene RoeFootfall increaseSDP Window displays
E-commerce - Home Shopping4.016759Emily MüllerOn-line Receipts
Customer Satisfaction
Repeat orders
SDP E-commerce - Home Shopping
Online catalogue2.96822Avery ShattuckOn-line Receipts
Customer Satisfaction
Repeat orders
SDP Online catalogue
Order routing and optimisation2.13999Antionette Elstonoverhead improvementSDP Order routing and optimisation
Sales - Branch Network2.0712,902Jody KoprowskiReceiptsSDP Sales - Branch Network
External Audit1.6965Emily MüllerFraud reduction
Efficiency improvement
Good will
Legal compliance
SDP External Audit
Internal Audit1.514565Emily MüllerFraud reduction
Efficiency improvement
Good will
Legal compliance
SDP Internal Audit
Stock options1.46595Jody KoprowskiStaff Satisfaction
Staff turnover
Stock ownership stability
SDP Stock options
Service Governance Programme1.4486,043Antionette ElstonIncreased value
Decreased cost
SDP Service Governance Programme
Continual Improvement1.3175Jody KoprowskiIncreased value
Decreased cost
Increased efficiency
Reduced Downtime
Reduced waste
Reduced shrinkage
SDP Continual Improvement
Farm Management1.1375,567Anjelica CordesIncreased yield
Improved quality
Reduced waste
Improved animal welfare
SDP Farm management
Medium Branches1.012433Antionette ElstonReceiptsSDP Medium Branches
Large Branches0.9981,038Jody KoprowskiReceiptsSDP Large Branches
Communication and advertising support0.997384Dinah LightyCRMSDP Communication and advertising support
Retail analytics0.63994Pearlene Roesales improvement per segmentSDP Retail analytics
Source strategy0.439383Jody KoprowskiTurnover vs cost improvementSDP Source strategy
Procurement visibility and tracking0.49773Melodie Laplacacost reductionSDP Procurement visibility and tracking
Customer spend analysis0.3911,043Antionette Elstontarget population sales improvementSDP Customer spend analysis
Fulfilment visibility and tracking0.3144,503Antionette Elstonorder improvement
response improvement
Customer satisfaction
SDP Fulfilment visibility and tracking
Merchandising0.291862Dinah Lightysales
product mix
customer satisfaction
SDP Merchandising
Store delivery support0.267980Dinah LightyOver stocking
Under stocking
SDP Store delivery support
Promotional planning support0.263789Jody Koprowskisales response to promotionsSDP Promotional planning support
Logistics0.262832Melodie LaplacaSales ReductionSDP Logistics
Distribution and planning0.246993Antionette Elstonoverhead improvementSDP Distribution and planning
Direct/indirect procurement0.2310903Avery Shattuckrelative effectivenessSDP Direct/indirect procurement
Category management0.227611Anjelica CordesCRM improvementsSDP Category management
Cheque authorization and processing0.26333Avery ShattuckReceiptsSDP Cheque authorization and processing
Sourcing0.177707Melodie LaplacaTurnover vs cost improvementSDP Sourcing
Product tiering/mapping0.175594Pearlene Roeline change and efficiencySDP Product tiering/mapping
Spend analytics0.166696Melodie LaplacaSpending forecast accuracySDP Spend analytics
Store operations0.1410512Earl Zanecustomer satisfaction
staff satisfaction
SDP Store operations
Freight costing0.137950Emily MüllerCost reductionSDP Freight costing
Multi-channel order management0.1281,169Antionette Elstonchannel effectiveness
value - cost ratio per channel
SDP Multi-channel order management
Material / fleet tracking0.127837Emily Müllercost reduction vs value improvementSDP Material / fleet tracking
Assortment planning and management0.121797Anjelica Cordesforecast accuracySDP Assortment planning and management
Pricing and billing0.1181,056Jody Koprowskicustomer satisfaction
supplier satisfaction
SDP Pricing and billing
Merchandise distribution0.112893Avery Shattuckincident redictuionSDP Merchandise distribution
Warehousing and storage0.16841Mary WomerOver stocking
Under stocking
SDP Warehousing and storage
Requirement processing0.15776Mary Womerservice value increase vs service cost decreaseSDP Requirement processing
E-tags RFID Pilot0.1567Anjelica CordesIncreased yield
Improved quality
Reduced waste
Improved animal welfare
SDP E-tags RFID Pilot
Cross docking0.12535Melodie Laplacadocking reportingSDP Cross docking
Fleet management0.11969Antionette ElstonCost vs usageSDP Fleet management
Stock audit0.099951Mary WomerPolicy compliance improvementSDP Stock audit
Transport:fleet visibility and tracking0.099438Earl Zaneorder/response improvementSDP Transport:fleet visibility and tracking
Planograming and space management0.095383Dinah LightyReturn per square metreSDP Planograming and space management
Staff Education0.09495Earl ZaneStaff Satisfaction
Staff turnover
SDP Staff Education
Staff Welfare0.09375Earl ZaneStaff Satisfaction
Staff turnover
SDP Staff Welfare
Marketing0.092904Antionette ElstonsalesSDP Marketing
Distribution management0.085956Avery Shattuckcost vs efficiencySDP Distribution management
Product coding0.084890Mary WomerCoding ErrorsSDP Product coding
Order management system0.084775Dinah Lightyincident reduction
downtime reduction
overdue payments
payment turnaround
SDP Order management system
Labour scheduling0.084545Jeniffer Falknerstaff & maangement satisfactionSDP Labour scheduling
Merchandise forecasting0.0821,037Emily Müllerforecast accuracySDP Merchandise forecasting
Promotion effectiveness0.081969Earl Zanesales response to promotionsSDP Promotion effectiveness
Vendor management0.0710386Jeniffer Falknerchurn vs efficiencySDP Vendor management
Transport planning and management0.078686Dinah Lightyusage vs costSDP Transport planning and management
Small Branches0.0762,197Jody KoprowskiReceiptsSDP Small Branches
Inventory forecasting/analytics0.076383Emily MüllerOver stocking
Under stocking
SDP Inventory forecasting/analytics
Outbound processing0.074559Emily MüllerefficiencySDP Outbound processing
Store communication0.073783Emily Müllerstaff satisfactionSDP Store communication
Consumer demand management0.072383Earl Zanedemand forecast accuracySDP Consumer demand management
Customer profiling and segmentation0.064830Pearlene Roesales improvement per segmentSDP Customer profiling and segmentation
Management0.061858Avery ShattuckEfficiency improvement measureSDP Management
Supply order collaboration0.056400Pearlene RoeIncidents
SDP Supply order collaboration
Goods receipt0.053760Avery Shattuckquality issues
SDP Goods receipt
E-sourcing0.051872Dinah Lightysales
customer satisfaction
staff satisfaction
supplier satisfaction
SDP E-sourcing
Loyalty program administration0.051870Antionette ElstonCustomer retentionSDP Loyalty program administration
Category profitability analysis0.0410853Antionette Elstonmarketing satisfactionSDP Category profitability analysis
Coupon voucher management0.049785Jeniffer Falknerredemption percentageSDP Coupon voucher management
Replenishment planning0.042900Melodie LaplacaOver stocking
Under stocking
SDP Replenishment planning
Price0.0411,201Jeniffer Falknerprice change effectivenessSDP Price
Store registry0.038833Jeniffer Falknerincident reductionSDP Store registry
Supply chain0.037476Mary WomerOver stocking
Under stocking
Cost vs Order
Delivery time
SDP Supply chain
SCM visibility and tracking0.032688Pearlene Roemanagement satisfactionSDP SCM visibility and tracking
Returns management0.028698Jeniffer Falknercost vs customer satisfactionSDP Returns management
Inventory planning and management0.0271,069Earl Zaneforecast acuracySDP Inventory planning and management
Virtual warehousing0.026874Jody Koprowskicost vs efficiencySDP Virtual warehousing
Support0.023690Emily Müllertime to resolutionSDP Support
Sales order processing0.0223,279Melodie LaplacaReceiptsSDP Sales order processing
Freight audit0.022956Avery Shattuckshrinkage reduction
spoilage reduction
SDP Freight audit
Master data management0.01106,293Avery Shattuckcost vs efficiencySDP Master data management
Returns0.0110816Earl Zaneforecast accuracySDP Returns
Store card0.0110669Pearlene Roecustomer retentionSDP Store card
Credit card authorization and processing0.016910Jody Koprowskifraud reductionSDP Credit card authorization and processing
Logistics support0.016435Pearlene Roecost reduction
forecasting accuracy
delivery improvement
SDP Logistics support
Warehouse management0.015808Melodie LaplacaOver stocking
Under stocking
Delivery turnaround
Supplier turnaround
SDP Warehouse management
Sales support0.014684Mary Womertime to resolutionSDP Sales support
POS management08899Earl Zaneincident reductionSDP POS management
Promotional planning05728Jeniffer FalknersalesSDP Promotional planning
Order substitution04958Avery ShattuckCustomer Satisfaction
Customer Retention
SDP Order substitution
Management Reports04657Antionette ElstonRecipient satisfaction
Improved value
Reduced cost
Reduced wastage
SDP Management Reports
Collections04390Emily Müllercost vs efficiencySDP Collections