Service Governance - Well Established Best Practice Library

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Service Governance - Well Established Best Practice Library

Best Practice History

Though Service Governance is directly based on the corporate governance advice contained in the Cadbury Report and the King Committee, it is also based on a library of Best Practice books to enable the governance to become embedded in the operations of the organisation.

title=Creating Service Governance

Operational Governance

Service Goveranance provides the link between the Board, or other governing body, and the day-to-day operational working of the organisation. The work of the organisation is defined by the services it provides to its customers, the services it uses and delivers internally, and the services it receives from third parties. The powerful metaphor of a 'service' is used to design, build, transition and operate the service. The service is designed to deliver the value required by the organisation, defined by the governing body, at the required cost - and to report, in real time, on this provision through the service portfolio.

Integrated Best Practice

Service Governance integrates advice from Best Practice developed by the following communities:

  • The Cadbury Report
  • The King Committee on Corporate Governance
  • The Management of Value
  • The Management of Portfolios
  • The Management of Risk
  • The Management of Sucessful Programmes
  • Business Analysis
  • ITIL®
    • Service Governance
    • Service Strategy
    • Service Design
    • Service Transition
    • Service Operation
    • Resilia (CyberSecurity)
    • Continual Service Improvement
  • The Open Group Architecture Framework (TOGAF®)
  • Cobit IT Governance