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SDP - The Service Design Package

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Assortment planning and management +SDP Assortment planning and management  +


Category management +SDP Category management  +
Category profitability analysis +SDP Category profitability analysis  +
Cheque authorization and processing +SDP Cheque authorization and processing  +
Collections +SDP Collections  +
Communication and advertising support +SDP Communication and advertising support  +
Consumer demand management +SDP Consumer demand management  +
Continual Improvement +SDP Continual Improvement  +
Coupon voucher management +SDP Coupon voucher management  +
Credit card authorization and processing +SDP Credit card authorization and processing  +
Cross docking +SDP Cross docking  +
Customer profiling and segmentation +SDP Customer profiling and segmentation  +
Customer spend analysis +SDP Customer spend analysis  +


Direct/indirect procurement +SDP Direct/indirect procurement  +
Distribution and planning +SDP Distribution and planning  +
Distribution management +SDP Distribution management  +


E-commerce - Home Shopping +SDP E-commerce - Home Shopping  +
E-sourcing +SDP E-sourcing  +
E-tags RFID Pilot +SDP E-tags RFID Pilot  +
External Audit +SDP External Audit  +


Farm Management +SDP Farm management  +
Fleet management +SDP Fleet management  +
Freight audit +SDP Freight audit  +
Freight costing +SDP Freight costing  +
Fulfilment visibility and tracking +SDP Fulfilment visibility and tracking  +
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