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Location Name Newport
Location Type Medium Branch
Location Address Port Road
Location Telephone 592389557
Location Twitter @ABC_Newport
Location Geo Coords 55°27′54″ N 2°47′45″ W
Location Staff 219
Location Services ALL
Location Floor Area 1688
Location Catalogue Catalogue
Location Opening Hours 09:00 - 19:30 (M-F) 10:30-20:00 (SS)
Location Manager Aiko Mcconnaughy
Location Status Operational Open
Location Status Transition InService
Assortment planning and management, Category management, Category profitability analysis, Cheque authorization and processing, Collections, Communication and advertising support, Consumer demand management, Continual Improvement, Coupon voucher management, Credit card authorization and processing, Cross docking, Customer profiling and segmentation, Customer spend analysis, Direct/indirect procurement, Distribution and planning, Distribution management, E-commerce - Home Shopping, E-sourcing, E-tags RFID Pilot, External Audit, Farm Management, Fleet management, Freight audit, Freight costing, Fulfilment visibility and tracking, Goods receipt, Internal Audit, Inventory forecasting/analytics, Inventory planning and management, Labour scheduling, Large Branches, Logistics, Logistics support, Loyalty program administration, Management, Management Reports, Marketing, Master data management, Material / fleet tracking, Medium Branches, Merchandise distribution, Merchandise forecasting, Merchandising, Multi-channel order management, Online catalogue, Order management system, Order routing and optimisation, Order substitution, Outbound processing, POS management... further results
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