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ABC Retail

ABC Retail

ServiceValue/Cost ratioRiskVolumeMeasureService Design Package
POS management08899incident reductionSDP POS management
Promotional planning05728salesSDP Promotional planning
Collections04390cost vs efficiencySDP Collections
Management Reports04657Recipient satisfaction
Improved value
Reduced cost
Reduced wastage
SDP Management Reports
Order substitution04958Customer Satisfaction
Customer Retention
SDP Order substitution
Store card0.0110669customer retentionSDP Store card
Returns0.0110816forecast accuracySDP Returns
Master data management0.01106,293cost vs efficiencySDP Master data management
Logistics support0.016435cost reduction
forecasting accuracy
delivery improvement
SDP Logistics support
Credit card authorization and processing0.016910fraud reductionSDP Credit card authorization and processing
Warehouse management0.015808Over stocking
Under stocking
Delivery turnaround
Supplier turnaround
SDP Warehouse management
Sales support0.014684time to resolutionSDP Sales support
Returns management0.028698cost vs customer satisfactionSDP Returns management
Inventory planning and management0.0271,069forecast acuracySDP Inventory planning and management
Virtual warehousing0.026874cost vs efficiencySDP Virtual warehousing
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