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ABC Retail

ABC Retail

ServiceService valueRiskValue/Cost ratioVolumeMeasureService Design Package
Large Branches2,179,86680.991,038ReceiptsSDP Large Branches
Procurement visibility and tracking221,17590.4773cost reductionSDP Procurement visibility and tracking
Logistics195,53420.26832Sales ReductionSDP Logistics
Distribution management48,30550.08956cost vs efficiencySDP Distribution management
Store operations47,994100.14512customer satisfaction
staff satisfaction
SDP Store operations
Marketing47,88520.09904salesSDP Marketing
product mix
customer satisfaction
SDP Merchandising
Freight costing46,04770.13950Cost reductionSDP Freight costing
Assortment planning and management44,60010.12797forecast accuracySDP Assortment planning and management
Consumer demand management44,37120.07383demand forecast accuracySDP Consumer demand management
Medium Branches43,18921.01433ReceiptsSDP Medium Branches
Customer spend analysis43,13210.391,043target population sales improvementSDP Customer spend analysis
Order management system41,64140.08775incident reduction
downtime reduction
overdue payments
payment turnaround
SDP Order management system
Multi-channel order management41,63180.121,169channel effectiveness
value - cost ratio per channel
SDP Multi-channel order management
Cheque authorization and processing40,68260.2333ReceiptsSDP Cheque authorization and processing
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