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ABC Retail

ABC Retail

Services Sorted by Risk

ServiceRiskVolumeService costValue/Cost ratioMeasureService Design Package
Store operations10512333,0200.14customer satisfaction
staff satisfaction
SDP Store operations
Store card10669393,7320.01customer retentionSDP Store card
Direct/indirect procurement10903104,8310.23relative effectivenessSDP Direct/indirect procurement
Category profitability analysis10853187,4660.04marketing satisfactionSDP Category profitability analysis
Returns10816596,3730.01forecast accuracySDP Returns
Master data management106,293456,9300.01cost vs efficiencySDP Master data management
Vendor management10386585,2030.07churn vs efficiencySDP Vendor management
Source strategy938330,5280.43Turnover vs cost improvementSDP Source strategy
Coupon voucher management9785279,6260.04redemption percentageSDP Coupon voucher management
Stock audit9951367,0530.09Policy compliance improvementSDP Stock audit
Transport:fleet visibility and tracking9438241,1970.09order/response improvementSDP Transport:fleet visibility and tracking
Procurement visibility and tracking9773549,5870.4cost reductionSDP Procurement visibility and tracking
POS management8899538,9360incident reductionSDP POS management
Pricing and billing81,056284,1670.11customer satisfaction
supplier satisfaction
SDP Pricing and billing
Multi-channel order management81,169336,0480.12channel effectiveness
value - cost ratio per channel
SDP Multi-channel order management
Service Governance Programme86,0431,4741.44Increased value
Decreased cost
SDP Service Governance Programme
Store registry8833588,9100.03incident reductionSDP Store registry
Transport planning and management8686526,4800.07usage vs costSDP Transport planning and management
Returns management8698301,7720.02cost vs customer satisfactionSDP Returns management
Large Branches81,0382,196,5320.99ReceiptsSDP Large Branches
Freight costing7950349,8890.13Cost reductionSDP Freight costing
Supply chain7476608,3050.03Over stocking
Under stocking
Cost vs Order
Delivery time
SDP Supply chain
Store delivery support798092,9110.26Over stocking
Under stocking
SDP Store delivery support
Material / fleet tracking7837336,2930.12cost reduction vs value improvementSDP Material / fleet tracking
Inventory planning and management71,069436,6270.02forecast acuracySDP Inventory planning and management
Sourcing770782,8500.17Turnover vs cost improvementSDP Sourcing
Communication and advertising support738436,2700.99CRMSDP Communication and advertising support
Continual Improvement75731.31Increased value
Decreased cost
Increased efficiency
Reduced Downtime
Reduced waste
Reduced shrinkage
SDP Continual Improvement
Farm Management75,5677,3441.13Increased yield
Improved quality
Reduced waste
Improved animal welfare
SDP Farm management
Category management7611127,1190.22CRM improvementsSDP Category management
Small Branches62,197540,3720.07ReceiptsSDP Small Branches
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