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ABC Retail

ABC Retail

ServiceValue/Cost ratioRiskVolumeMeasureService Design Package
Window displays8.29430Footfall increaseSDP Window displays
E-commerce - Home Shopping4.016759On-line Receipts
Customer Satisfaction
Repeat orders
SDP E-commerce - Home Shopping
Online catalogue2.96822On-line Receipts
Customer Satisfaction
Repeat orders
SDP Online catalogue
Order routing and optimisation2.13999overhead improvementSDP Order routing and optimisation
Sales - Branch Network2.0712,902ReceiptsSDP Sales - Branch Network
External Audit1.6965Fraud reduction
Efficiency improvement
Good will
Legal compliance
SDP External Audit
Internal Audit1.514565Fraud reduction
Efficiency improvement
Good will
Legal compliance
SDP Internal Audit
Stock options1.46595Staff Satisfaction
Staff turnover
Stock ownership stability
SDP Stock options
Service Governance Programme1.4486,043Increased value
Decreased cost
SDP Service Governance Programme
Continual Improvement1.3175Increased value
Decreased cost
Increased efficiency
Reduced Downtime
Reduced waste
Reduced shrinkage
SDP Continual Improvement
Farm Management1.1375,567Increased yield
Improved quality
Reduced waste
Improved animal welfare
SDP Farm management
Medium Branches1.012433ReceiptsSDP Medium Branches
Large Branches0.9981,038ReceiptsSDP Large Branches
Communication and advertising support0.997384CRMSDP Communication and advertising support
Retail analytics0.63994sales improvement per segmentSDP Retail analytics
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