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ABC Retail

ABC Retail

ServiceService costValue/Cost ratioRiskVolumeMeasureService Design Package
Large Branches2,196,5320.9981,038ReceiptsSDP Large Branches
Logistics739,3930.262832Sales ReductionSDP Logistics
Distribution management619,1930.085956cost vs efficiencySDP Distribution management
Consumer demand management610,9890.072383demand forecast accuracySDP Consumer demand management
Supply chain608,3050.037476Over stocking
Under stocking
Cost vs Order
Delivery time
SDP Supply chain
Returns596,3730.0110816forecast accuracySDP Returns
Store registry588,9100.038833incident reductionSDP Store registry
Vendor management585,2030.0710386churn vs efficiencySDP Vendor management
Logistics support577,7320.016435cost reduction
forecasting accuracy
delivery improvement
SDP Logistics support
Credit card authorization and processing556,5510.016910fraud reductionSDP Credit card authorization and processing
Order substitution555,05804958Customer Satisfaction
Customer Retention
SDP Order substitution
Procurement visibility and tracking549,5870.49773cost reductionSDP Procurement visibility and tracking
Management549,2930.061858Efficiency improvement measureSDP Management
Collections548,29004390cost vs efficiencySDP Collections
Small Branches540,3720.0762,197ReceiptsSDP Small Branches
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