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Service E-commerce - Home Shopping
Service description After a rocky start, home shopping was re-launched, working with our existing warehouse and fulfiment systems, rather than a dedicated network. It is now a central part of the operation, but some of the early systems are now running out of steam, with customer complaints higher than they used to be.
Probable improvement possible 47858
10% cost reduction 185097.6
10% value improvement 4054
Value/Cost ratio 4.01
Service value 3685
Service cost 205664
Headcount 84
Risk 6
Volume 759
Measure On-line Receipts, Customer Satisfaction, Repeat orders
Area e-commerce
SDP SDP_E-commerce - Home Shopping
VCR improvement % 13
Revenue improvement
Locations served Locations all
Locations all.png
Service detail E-commerce - Home Shopping Detail
Service owner: Emily Müller