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Service Business Case

service name

Proposed name. This is a 'working title', the final service may have a different name.

service description

Briefly, what will this service do

service status

The business case will go through these stages:

  • New
  • Ready for Review
  • Reviewed
  • Approved - in principle
  • Approved - for design stage
  • Approved - for future implementation
  • Approved - budget
  • Rejected
  • Service being Designed
  • Service in Transition
  • Service Operational
  • Service under Improvement
  • Service Retired

service reasons

Why should this service exist?

service value delivery

What value will this service deliver?

How will this value be measured?

In particular, what are the:

Critical Success Factors
Key Performance Indicators

service output

What will be the output of this service?

service outcome

What outcomes does the service intend to produce for stakeholders?

service benefits

What business benefits will this bring? To which stakeholders?

service stakeholders

Who are all the stakeholders for this service?

service features

What features will this service have? How will users and customers see it?

service requirements

What specific requirements does this service address?

This links to the requirements register.

service options

What alternatives are there to this proposal? What are the pros and cons of these alternatives? Why is the particular solution being proposed?

service assumptions

This is one of the most important sections of the business case.

What has been assumed to be the case for this service? Any implicit or unconsidered assumptions should be listed here.

Examples might include:

  • there will be provision for preservicne perishable items
  • uninterrupted power will be available
  • this service will not operate in places with a high risk of lightning
  • this service assumes that there are no competitive services

service risks

What are the risks to the business of developing this service?

What are the risks to the business of not developing this service?

What are the risks to other stakeholders?

What are the mitigations to these risks?

service cost

What are the projected:

  • Costs of design
  • Costs of development
  • Costs of transition
  • Operational costs
  • Improvement costs
  • Decommissioning costs

service timescale

Is there time criticality for this service?

How long would it take to deliver?

How long is its overall life expected to be?

service financial appraisal

All the detail of the finances, including those of the options.

service evaluation

The results of an independent evaluation of this business case.

service metrics

How will the service be measured?

This will include Key Performance Indicatorss, as well as transition, operational and improvement metrics.

service budget

What budget will be required?

What is possible with smaller budgets? Could a stripped down service deliver comparable value at much reduced cost?

What budget has been allocated? (once the budget has been approved)

service design package

This links to the document that follows the service throughout its life and will contain specific detail for the different stages of the service lifecycle.