Best Practice/Service Portfolio

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Best Practice/Service Portfolio

A service portfolio is a repository of information about the services that an organisation uses. It is organised to provide different views for different roles in the organisation. Each view will, at least, contain:

  • The name of the service
  • A brief description
  • The owner of the service
  • The current status of the service
  • A link to the Service Design Package (SDP) that contains the information, or links to the information that fully describes all aspects of the service.
  • Locations, or business units serviced by the service

Some views, particularly the more technical views, of the Service Portfolio will contain much more detail.

Contents according to Role


The governance view will show the status of the service operationally and financially. In particular, it will show, as well as the items listed above:

  • The ratio of Value to Risk of the service
  • What value the service delivers
  • A measure of the corporate risk the service exposes the organisation to
  • A measure of the volume of the service
  • The cost of the service
  • Possibly the profitability or ROI of the service


The management view allows decisions to be made to react to changes in demand for services, or issues with the availability of services. This view will include:

  • Detailed status of the service
  • Support contact details of the service
  • Contact details for the Service Manager, as well as for other delivery managers involved with the service
  • Information, or links to information, about any changes or other releases in progress or planned for the service
  • Information on any major incidents, and a link to all incidents, affecting service availability
  • Measures of customer satisfaction


Support staff will have access to information needed to provide business, marketing or technical support for the service. This is likely to include:

  • More status information
  • Contact information for managers and staff involved with the service delivery
  • Operational information such as events or incidents
  • Routing maintenance information
  • Structural information about the service
  • Information about all supporting services and their contact information

Customer, Staff and other Stakeholders

There is likely to be a view of some relevant services available for these stakeholders. It will contain information about how to order the service, pay for the service, access the service, and contact the organisation to request help using the service or to register compliments of complaints.

  • Service purchase information
  • Service use information
  • Contact information to get help with the service or to report issues
  • Information on how to change the details of the service ordered