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ABC Retail


Founded in 1952, in Bridiff, by a group of local retailers, led by Arthur Jones, Bryan Caldwell and Charles Smith, ABC was formed to preserve local excellence and customer loyalty in the face of large, anonymous supermarket chains.

ABC has 2 large branches, 5 medium sized-branches and 15 small branches.


ABC is a community retailer, providing high quality goods and services, to discerning customers.


ABC aims to be a community asset, only growing organically, it marries the best old fashioned values of courtesy, high quality, and pride in workmanship with modern efficiency, service excellence and sound corporate citizenship


                       ABC Retail
                  Bridiff - main outlets
Deliver high quality goods and services
Ensure customer delight with our facilities, products, services and presentation
Hire and retain the best staff
Grow our staff skills and expertise to ensure staff satisfaction and minimise staff turnover
Encourage good husbandry in our suppliers and customers
Make innovation and continual improvement our competitive edge
Cut waste to a minimum
Ensure ABC is an equal opportunities employer
Build long term, trusting relationships with our suppliers
Provide equity ownership as a reward to loyal customers and staff
Finance improvement and growth only from profits
Use service governance to integrate our values and policies, and to enable our board to exercise sound stewardship

The Board

                       ABC Retail, Stock price - Historically adjusted for: Easter, Eid and other lunar holidays
Araceli ArbourChief Executive Officer
Elizabeth SmithDirector
Marketing Director
Carol ChampionDirector
Innovation and Improvement Director
John SmithDirector
Board Chair
Gertrude PostlethwaiteDirector
Legal and Compliance Director
Mary ManlyDirector
Chair (Deputy)
Martin WainwrightDirector
Staff Director
Jane CaldwellDirector
Financial Director
Lauren DearsleyDirector
Customer Champion
Mark FarmerDirector
Services Director
Zeb NightingaleDirector
IT Director
Jim DentDirector
Company Secretary
Kathryn SmithDirector
Sales Director

Service Portfolio

Shop Locations

WestgateLarge Branch580373452James FinlayOpenInService
Head OfficeLarge Branch576512530Adrianne AgtarapOpenInService
Brewer St.Medium Branch567943160Al MetzgerOpenInService
CottonginMedium Branch577131270Adrianne AgtarapOpenInService
NewportMedium Branch592389557Aiko McconnaughyOpenInService
MettingsMedium Branch578090485Lisha WilnerOpenInService
GreenwoodMedium Branch599501332Kassandra BrighamOpenInService
Little AmblingSmall Branch584446491Ellan BohanonOpenInService
Tannery LaneSmall Branch594772177Nan HatcherOpenInService
The ShamblesSmall Branch590825950Ella ScrivnerOpenInService
Bucklet LaneSmall Branch598416011Elizabeth SmithOpenInService
Cordwalles RoadSmall Branch579449111Elisabeth HennemanOpenInService
Grunt StreetSmall Branch589221636Elnora SoderOpenInService
Prufrock PlaceSmall Branch577899859Elois BrannOpenInService
Foxglove AlleySmall Branch570046740Elisha MclaughlinOpenInService
Sliver's SlideSmall Branch577222426Elna DoigOpenInService
WestbourneSmall Branch582628165Elisha MelodyOpenInService
Mill St.Small Branch590899764Eliseo DillenbeckLimited serviceRevamp
Rosethorne WaySmall Branch586332350Ellsworth CordellClosedClosed
London RoadSmall Branch568680068Elmo StageClosedSetup
Princes St.Small Branch597421227Ellyn PellClosedSetup
Fairfield RoadSmall Branch572201844Elizbeth MaytonClosedDecommissioning

Introductory Video

File:Adopting Service Governance

Business Case

Metrics Outline